Opening Concert with Avay-e Sahra Ensemble

At this year’s Opening Concert we have chosen the Avay-e Sahra Ensemble and their brilliant and personal interpretation of traditional and folk Iranian music.

The Avay-e Sahra Ensemble is a traditional and folk Iranian music group. The group is comprised of six experienced women musicians. They have been performing together since 2015. This concert is made up of two parts: Persian classical and folk songs; and the melodies of Khorasan, which is a region lying in northeast Persia. With both sides of their repertoire Avay-e Sahra come together with their aim of keeping alive the old classical melodies as well as sharing the folk music of their home.

Elham Karimi (singer) , Padideh Ahrarnejad (tar), Ava Ayoubi (oud), Shima Boloukifar
(kamancheh), Mojgan Abolfathi (daf) and Nazanin Pedarsani (tonbak) are the members of Avay-e Sahra.

TICKET: 150,- (incl. booking fee)